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Don't be a condescending jerk because I want an epidural

In my opinion, giving birth is the most incredible physical thing a person can experience. Sorry men, there is no equivalent. Bodies are capable of so many amazing things but giving birth is truly phenomenal. It hurts my heart that there are women who ache to be able to carry and deliver a child but are unable for one reason or another. To those women I wish nothing but blessings and love. 

Birth is one of the most raw, pure and intimate things a woman can experience- regardless of whether you have a natural birth, a home birth, a vaginal birth, c-section, VBAC, etc. You are literally bringing another person into the world with your body, one way or another. It is both intimidating and exciting, and it's one of the most complex emotional experiences I've ever had.

I'm not quite 20 weeks yet, but I've put a lot of thought already into my birth plan with our new babe. I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to deliver Easton as well. With Easton I knew two things: 1) my mom had insanely difficult labors/deliveries and there was a chance that mine would be the same, and 2) because I struggle with anxiety and have panic attacks when I get too wound up I wanted it to be as relaxed and painless as possible. 

My decision to deliver in a hospital and with an epidural made everything so much easier for me. I had an incredible experience and plan to do the same again. I felt no stress or pressure, and physically I didn't have much pain. To get personal, I was really squeamish beforehand about having to get any stitches (because I seriously, seriously can't handle that stuff) and I didn't even realize I'd been stitched up until the doctor told me he was finished. Because I was so relaxed and calm I was able to enjoy meeting Easton and sharing the moment with those around me, and that's what was the most important thing to me.

Now, I'm a member of some mom groups on Facebook and to be completely honest they are the worst things ever. I stay in them because once in a while I need suggestions or find out about things going on in the community, but man they're awful. The way the women in these groups talk to each other is just disgusting. It's not a community of women building each other up, it's full of "super-moms" set on tearing other "lesser" mom's down.

The most horrible is any time anyone brings up delivery. A soon-to-be mom was asking around for delivery experiences and soon there were a plethora of these mom's telling her that if she did anything other than natural birth she'd have a horrible experience. Because of that there were women justifying their own decisions to have an epidural or a c-section. I wanted to scream. Women are already so degrading towards one another, but for these "super moms" to imply that anyone is not as good or is not going to have a good birth experience because they choose to do something other than give birth without drugs is just ridiculous.

I'm not trying to say that all the women who'd had a natural birth were saying these things. There are plenty of nice, normal, wonderful mom's who said "I had a natural birth, here is a resource if you want more information" or "I gave birth without an epidural but my experiences aren't the same as yours so you should do what you feel comfortable with". 

The point I'm trying to make here is I guess that first, women shouldn't put other women down for their choices regardless of how easy the internet makes it for them to do that, and secondly, if you're gonna have a baby do it however the heck you want to. Use actual resources, talk to your doctor or midwife or whomever, and then ask yourself what do I want from this experience? You know you better than anyone else.

As for me, I'm looking forward to a super low-key birth again come February complete with an epidural, some positive music playing, and the promise of Chik-Fil-A immediately after. If that's nothing like you want, awesome! You do what you've gotta do to feel like your best self! But please don't tell me (or anyone else) that I'm wrong for what I decide to do with my body while putting it through the most intense and beautiful things it can physically do.

Because I will fight you.
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Makeup "Must-Have's"

I am super cheap with makeup. I hate to spend more than I think is necessary on it because it's not something I'm particularly passionate about. For me, as long as I have some basics in my makeup bag I'm good to go. I've tried out a lot of different makeup brands in my 21 years- some luxury, some drugstore- and I feel like because I've tried so many different things I've been able to find products I really enjoy without the high price tag. In fact, some of these things may be for the smallest amount of money you could possibly pay. 

Eighth & Main

I'm going to pretend to be trendy (or something) again. Emphasis on the pretending part. At the beginning of summer I told myself that instead of feeling gross all summer I would buy some cute dresses and wear those so I could feel pretty instead of sweating it up in jeans. I found the sweetest dress from boutique Eighth & Main, but then I felt like crap all summer thanks to our newest little babe so I hardly had the chance to wear it. The good news is that since we have an extremely mild fall/winter season here in Vegas I'll be able to wear it with tights, boots and a cardigan. It's also perfect for my growing bump because it's loose and comfortable!

17 Week Bumpdate

I've hit 17 weeks. I have a doctor's appointment later today that will tell me just when we're having our ultrasound for the big gender reveal! I definitely want to have some kind of gender reveal party or something, but we'll see.

So what's going on at 17 weeks? Well...

How Far Along - I'm 17 weeks, like I've said three times now (sorry!). I can't believe we're almost halfway. I definitely don't feel like I look 17 weeks pregnant yet but it's all good. I like being able to fit into my regular clothes anyways.

That One Time With The Spin Class

A few months ago I signed up for this $4/4 classes deal at a fitness center in my community. I'd been wanting to try some of their yoga classes and $4 for 4 yoga classes is a freakin' steal! My first time I took a hot yoga class first thing in the morning and while it left me sore, I loved it! It felt so great and productive to wake up and work out. It made me want to start waking up early and live a healthy lifestyle (which I can say hasn't worked out as I eat a bowl of goldfish). Plus I loved the atmosphere of the fitness center and was seriously considering joining after I finished taking my remaining 3 classes.
Unfortunately for me they only offered yoga classes at specific times and on select days. And no, not 3 days a week at a time I didn't feel like going in. They offered them first thing Sunday mornings- if they even offered them at all! It was such a bummer not being able to take another one the following week. 

Shop Sevan

This unique and summery dress is quickly becoming my favorite. I've worn it to pretty much any dressed up event I've gone to (and like every week to church) all summer long because I just can't get enough! 

I found it in the super fun and trendy online boutique Shop Sevan for only $34 which is basically a steal for how unbelievably cute it is! On top of being absolutely adorable for whatever you've got going on, it's also incredibly light which has made wearing it in the 113 degree weather a breeze (literally). 

Fall Mood Board

I'm so over summer. It's seriously killing me that it's still 100+ degrees every day. Tonight it hit 90 degrees and I swear I could've cried it felt so perfect outside. Since I'm clearly not at all feeling this weather I thought I'd put my fall cravings into a mood board so I can visualize what I want.